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The Pocket Board

The Pocket Board

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Meet the Pocket Board, your device's new best friend! It turns any gadget into a laptop-style work buddy. No heavy laptops needed – just charge it up once and enjoy over 90 hours of typing power. ⌨️💼

Got an Apple, Android, or Windows device? No problemo! The Pocket Board is super-friendly with all of them. And guess what? You can connect it to 3 devices at once. So cool, right?

🤗 Say goodbye to uncomfortable typing and wrist ache. This board is built for comfort. It's like your hands are on a cozy vacation while you type away quietly and gently.

🏖️📝 Charge it for just 2 hours, and it's all set to be your partner for 90 hours of work and fun. Plus, you charge it with the same cable your phone uses. Easy peasy! 🕒🔌

Fold it, unfold it – it's that easy. The Pocket Board is your mini office you can take anywhere. No more big, heavy laptops to carry around. Travel light and work smart! ✈️👜

The Pocket Board is your ticket to a new way of working. It's not just a keyboard, it's your key to getting things done wherever you are. Your devices will thank you! 🎯


Specification:Built-in USA BROADCOM Bluetooth Module 4.0Suitable for Android & Windows & IOS systems tablets, smartphone, etcWith two hideable and 90 degree rotatable stands,can holddevices in a perfect angle.Foldable design,convenient to carry.With 3 Bluetooth devices’ memory,easy to change among them.MICRO USB interface, easy to charge.Built-in rechargeable 160mAh lithium battery.Light weight ,quiet keystrokes.Energy saving keyboard in sleep mode.Front: Plastic . Backboard: Aluminum Alloy. Stands :Plastic.Item weight: 165 g


What you Get:1x Mini Bluetooth Keyboard1x User Instruction

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